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Our immune system is SO precious, because it constantly protects us from external elements that can make us weak or ill. And this immune system is obviously closely linked to our daily behavior.

To protect it, we need to eat well (of course), but also avoid stress, laugh, have fun, play sports, see friends and spend time in nature.

So that means that each person's immunity is unique and linked to many factors, right?

Exactly! And conversely, diseases are not only due to the nature of a virus and its degree of virulence, but also to the resistance our immune system is able to put up against it!

and are there different levels of immunity?

Yes, that's right! 

First, there isnatural immunity: this is a spontaneous & hereditary immunity that relies on 3 lines of defense:

  • the barrier formed by the skin and mucous membranes

For the skin, it's thanks to its pH, its continuity (no boo-boos), its sweat secretions (perspiration) and its lymphocytes (white blood cells) that our immunity is preserved.

For the mucous membranes, this means the white blood cells found in the respiratory tract, which are the body's real scavengers, as well as digestive enzymes, intestinal flora (which we've often talked about) and urogenital flora, which are the soldiers of our immunity.

  • phagocytosis: when our white blood cells eat no fewer than 14 disease-carrying bacteria!

  • naturally-occurring anti-microbial substances: without going into detail, these include lysozyme, chlorhyric stomach acid, neuraminic acid and many others...

So we've just been talking about natural immunity, but there are others?

Yes, there'salso acquired and specific immunity, which relies on a range of specific white blood cells, in particular B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes, which are built up according to the viruses and diseases encountered in life!

So what can lower our immunity?

A lot of things, as I told you in particular our heredity, but also our age, our diet, stress, insomnia, illnesses, alcohol, pollution, smoking, deficiencies, drug abuse, etc. In short, we are not totally actors or spectators of our immunity...

Are there any naturopathic strategies for boosting immunity?

Yes, of course! 

Obviously, we start with our diet, and since repeating is not starting again, I'll say it again: vary your diet, avoid sugar, saturated fats and junk food. Give priority to vegetables and gentle steaming, pay attention to your intestinal flora (and listen to the episode on the subject if you need to), detox from time to time (we also have an excellent episode on the subject) and finally, take the time to chew!

Then we work on our sleep and stress management. Because 4 hours less sleep = a 30% drop in our immune defenses.

We meditate, do sophrology or seek the help of health professionals if need be!

Exercise, sunbathing and getting out into nature whenever possible will help boost your immune system and help you sleep better!

and dietary supplements? What are the recommendations?

Oligotherapy: zinc, copper, magnesium.

Vitamins: A, C, E and selenium. Coq10 too!

Food supplements: pre-biotics, pro-biotics, royal jelly and propolis. Camille is a big fan of all Ballot Flurin hive products!

That's not bad, is it?

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