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Race Across Series transforms carefully chosen routes into a memorable cycling journey, combining sublime landscapes and personal challenges. Imagine the start of an adventure at dawn, traversing majestic terrain, where each stage is a discovery of your unexplored inner strength. Each event is an invitation to live an ultra-ordinary experience.

Race Across Series, the pinnacle of ultra-distance cycling, offers four memorable events in France, Europe and even virtually, with challenges to suit all levels. Experience the thrill of conquering uncharted terrain, feel the adrenaline rush of pedaling under a starry sky, and experience transcendent personal achievement with every turn of the wheel.

Race Across Series goes beyond 22 events spread over 4 emblematic destinations. It's a journey that broadens your horizons, challenges you in a safe space and reveals your unsuspected potential. Get ready for an adventure that will be engraved in your memory, and conquer your own endurance peaks.

Are you ready to challenge yourself? Become ultra-ordinary and join us in this daring quest, because RaceAcross Series is much more than an ultra-distance cycling challenge - it's an adventure for the ages.

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Join us at the starting line of the Race Across France by Van Rysel, where your journey to infinity, to the extraordinary, to eternity begins. The race awaits you, France beckons. Will you be the next to conquer this monumental event?

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