Regulation Gravel

Updated 03/29/2024


The RACE ACROSS SERIES events (hereinafter referred to as the events) are organized by the following associations ULTRA CYCLING France and RIDE EAT SLEEP & SHARE, in partnership with Across and Beyond Endurance AG (hereinafter A.B.E or the Organizer).

This document defines :

(i) the sporting regulations of the events (hereinafter the Regulations),

(ii) the general terms and conditions of sale applicable to any order of products or services relating to events placed with the Organizer via the NJUKO registration platform (hereinafter the A.B.E. General Terms and Conditions of Sale).

The terms "you", "your" and "yours" refer to you, as a participant or consumer or as a legal representative or legal guardian (over 18 years of age) if such participant or consumer is a minor in his or her country of residence.

Your registration for events implies your express and unreserved acceptance of the present A.B.E. Regulations and General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Only the legal representative of a minor may register this minor child for events. Also, if parental authority is exercised jointly, the legal representative of the minor child guarantees the Organizer that the other holder of parental authority has read and unreservedly accepted the present document. The present document supplements the Conditions of Use of the online registration platform known as NJUKO (hereinafter NJUKO), accessible at

In case of contradiction between the terms of the NJUKO Terms of Use, the present A.B.E General Terms of Sale and the Regulations, the terms of the Regulations shall prevail over the A.B.E General Terms of Sale, which shall themselves prevail over the NJUKO Terms of Use.

The Organizer may revise and update the A.B.E General Terms and Conditions and the Regulations at any time; please consult them regularly, and before participating in events.

All modifications shall be effective immediately upon notice thereof, by any means, including posting a revised version hereof on the website of

In the event of a major change to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and/or the Regulations, the Organiser will endeavour to notify you by e-mail to the e-mail address given on NJUKO when you registered.

NJUKO's role:

The NJUKO site, through which you have placed your order, allows professional sellers and organizers to list and sell their products and services. Although the NJUKO platform facilitates transactions, NJUKO is not the seller or organizer of the products and services related to theevent.

Accordingly, for the sale of event-related products or services, a contract of sale is formed solely between you and the Organizer. The Organizer is responsible for the sale of event-related products or services and for any claims or other issues arising out of or in connection with the sales contract between you and the Organizer.


Our so-called GRAVEL events are mass-competition events with a mass start (or in waves with intervals between starting age categories) that is timed for all participants and separate results by age category and gender. Riders must respect the rules of the road throughout the entire event.

In the event of malfunction of the GPS tracker supplied by the organization, all material evidence (sales receipts) and immaterial evidence (photos, videos) will be examined by the organization to validate compliance with the rules. The route will take you through sumptuous landscapes and panoramas, allowing you to discover in depth the regions of the countries crossed. The route open to traffic is common to all categories. Clearly marked refreshment points along the route are reserved exclusively for clearly identified participants. You can choose to take part solo, or in teams of two (2) or four (4) friends, team-mates, colleagues...

The route is not signposted, but will be made available to participants in the form of a GPX link sent to each participant a week before the event by the organization, by email communication, and this route is common to all participants. 


The present sporting regulations (hereinafter the Regulations) apply to all participants in the events. They form an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale referred to above and comply with the regulations of the French Cycling Federation specific to GRAVEL cycling.

In the event of any conflict with the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, the provisions of the Regulations shall prevail.


The GRAVEL RACE ACROSS SERIES cycling events, offering distances ranging from 50 K to 200 K, so-called unassisted (bikepacking).
The events take place in a single stage on roads open to traffic, in solo, duo or quartet, at a free pace, but with a time limit for each distance, known as the TIME BARRIER.

Distances are as follows per event/race:

  • RACE ACROSS PARIS 2024 - April 28, 2024

> Gravel distance of 200 kilometers (approx.): Start from 60-Chantilly and finish from 60-Chantilly. TIME BARRIER 13h maximum to complete the course.

> Gravel distance of 100 kilometers (approx.): Start from 60-Chantilly and finish from 60-Chantilly. Maximum TIME BARRIER to complete the course.

> Gravel distance of 50 kilometers (approx.): Starting at 60-Chantilly and finishing at 60-Chantilly. TIME BARRIER 4h maximum to complete the course. 

  • RACE ACROSS BELGIUM 2024 - May 12, 2024

> Gravel distance of 200 kilometers (approx.): Starting at 1420 Braine-l'Alleud and finishing at 1420 Braine-l'Alleud. Maximum 13h to complete the course.

> Gravel distance of 100 kilometers (approx.): Starting at 1420 Braine-l'Alleud and finishing at 1420 Braine-l'Alleud. 7h maximum to complete the course.

> Gravel distance of 50 kilometers (approx.): Starting at 1420 Braine-l'Alleud and finishing at 1420 Braine-l'Alleud. 4h maximum to complete the course. 

  • RACE ACROSS SWITZERLAND 2024 - August 18, 2024

> 200 km gravel distance (approx.): Start from 1424-Champagne (CH) and finish from 1424-Champagne (CH). 13h maximum to complete the course.

> Gravel distance of 100 kilometers (approx.): Start from 1424-Champagne (CH) and finish from 1424-Champagne (CH). 7h maximum to complete the course.

> Gravel distance of 50 kilometers (approx.): Start from 1424-Champagne (CH) and finish from 1424-Champagne (CH). 4h maximum to complete the course. 

Details of the route(s) will be posted on the event website and social networks at a later date.


Bib numbers can be collected on presentation of the following documents:

  • QR code generated automatically via the NJUKO platform - sent a few weeks before the event;

  • Your license or medical certificate meeting the above conditions;

  • Your invitation, available for download on your NJUKO account and/or sent by e-mail before the events;

  • Your official, valid ID or passport (no driver's license);

Bib numbers can only be collected in the dedicated area of the Events Village. Exact times and locations will be announced at a later date;

All number assignments are firm and final. No numbers will be sent by post, nor given out outside the opening hours of the Start Village;

The race number is required for access to the start area and refreshment points and must remain fully legible during the race, even in bad weather;


The price of race numbers is expressed́ in this document in Euro currency (€) including all taxes, at the rate in force on the day of your registration.

Bib number prices are available on the information page for each event and on the "event registration form" page.

Exceptional promotions may be organized by the Organizer to allow you to benefit from a discount on the race number price.

For reasons of event safety, the organizer reserves the right to limit the number of race numbers available.

Bib fees may vary depending on the date you register for the event.


A total of 2 types of bicycles are accepted:

  • Standard (standard, gravel, MTB)

  • Open (different type of bicycle authorized by the country's highway code)

Bikes must be propelled solely by human power.

All team members must use the same type/category of bike.

If teams use different types of bikes, they will be placed in the Open category.

A participant or a team may request the organization to register in the Open category.

Consideration will be given to participants in the Open category for an early start, at the Organizer's convenience. All participants in the Open category must respect the set time limits. 

No participant will be considered as a Finisher after a finish outside the time limits set by the organization.


Maximum event times are calculated according to the participant's start time, and are set at :

  • 200 kilometers (gravel): 13 hours.

  • 100 kilometers (gravel): 7 hours.

  • 50 kilometers (gravel): 4 hours.


  • AGE

To participate in our RACE ACROSS SERIES Gravel events you must be at least :

> over 18 years of age on December 31 of the year of the event for the 200K EVENT

> over 16 years of age on December 31 of the year of the event for the 100K EVENT

> over 14 years of age on December 31st of the year of the event for the 50K EVENT.

For under 18, the participant's legal parent must send proof of identity and parental responsibility to the organization at least 30 days before the start of the race, to the following address: contact(at) - the registration will not be considered complete without this authorization.


It is reminded that controls will be carried out during the events to ensure perfect conditions for the regularity of the events, particularly with regard to age requirements and medical certification.

By participating in the events, you are taking part in one of the sporting events organized and/or approved by a sports federation. Consequently, your participation is subject to compulsory presentation of :

  • A license from the Fédération Française de Cyclisme (French Cycling Federation) valid on the date of the event, attesting to the issue of a medical certificate stating "no contraindication to the practice of competitive cycling " ;

  • or a UCI COMPETITION Licence valid on the date of the event ;

  • or a medical certificate that must be less than one year old on the date of the event, or a copy thereof, for non-FFC-licensed riders to whom the events are open.

Mandatory statement on the medical certificate : " no contraindication to the practice of cycling ".

Prior to the events, the medical certificate or the photocopy of the license in dematerialized format can be communicated by the participant via the NJUKO registration platform allowing you to access your participant area.

Medical certificates sent by post, e-mail or hand-delivered will not be accepted.

These documents must be submitted in electronic form sufficiently in advance of the event, and no later than maximum 30 days before the date of theto enable the Organizer to validate them.

The participant must therefore check on his NJUKO account that his proof of participation has been validated. If this is not the case, the document will have to be physically brought to the race number pick-up, as a last resort.

Authenticity checks of medical certificates and licenses may be carried out on site, even in cases where the participant has uploaded these documents to his/her NJUKO account. 

It is therefore mandatory for participants to be able to provide these documents when picking up their number or at events.

ATTENTION: Participants residing abroad: If you do not hold a UCI COMPETITION Licence issued by the federation in your country of residence, you are required to provide a medical certificate bearing the compulsory wording described above. This certificate must be dated less than one year before the date of the event, signed and authenticated by the doctor, whether or not the latter is established on French territory.

If the doctor is not based in France, the medical certificate must be written in French, English, Spanish, German, Italian or Portuguese only.

Registration for events implies each Participant's express and unreserved acceptance of these Rules.


The participant undertakes to take out repatriation insurance to cover repatriation costs in the event of an accident.
You can take out such insurance with our partner Assur Connect, an insurance broker specialized in sports. Here are the offers for :

The organizer only makes contact with the partner. The participant must then take note of the terms and conditions of the aforementioned insurance. It is the participant's responsibility to take out and manage his or her own insurance with the insurer.

You can also contact your insurer to find out which insurance is best suited to your situation.



At each of the refreshment points along the route you will find the following refreshments:

  • cold drinks

  • hot drinks

  • food supplies (solid/liquid) partners

Although entry to A.B.E. events is based on past performance, some participants may not be able to keep up for a variety of reasons. 

Opening and closing times for refreshment points have been set and are calculated as closely as possible to the time limit for each event.

If a competitor passes through after a refreshment station has closed, the event management will contact the competitor to discuss his or her progress and situation. Passing after the refreshment station has closed is not eliminatory, unless event management decides otherwise after discussion with the runner.

Any competitor who is excluded from the event and wishes to continue on his or her own will be under his or her own responsibility and in complete autonomy.

Opening/closing times for event refreshment stands : 

  • RACE ACROSS PARIS Gravel 24 - 60 Chantilly

> Supply 1 / 200K :

location and km: To be defined

Opening: To be defined
Closing: To be defined

> Supply 2 / 200K :

location and km: To be defined

Opening: To be defined
Closing: To be defined

> Supply 1 / 100K :

location and km: To be defined

Opening: To be defined
Closing: To be defined

  • RACE ACROSS BELGIUM - 1410 Braine-l'Alleud (BE)

> Supply 1 / 200K :

location and km: To be defined

Opening: To be defined
Closing: To be defined

> Supply 2 / 200K : 

location and km: To be defined

Opening: To be defined
Closing: To be defined

> Supply 1 / 100K :

location and km: To be defined

Opening: To be defined
Closing: To be defined

  • RACE ACROSS SWITZERLAND - 1424 Champagne, Vaud, CH

> Supply 1 / 200K :

location and km: To be defined

Opening: To be defined
Closing: To be defined

> Supply 2 / 200K :

Km : 

location and km: To be defined

Opening: To be defined
Closing: To be defined

> Supply 1 / 100K :

location and km: To be defined

Opening: To be defined
Closing: To be defined


The start/finish base will provide participants with the following items, validated by the organization:

  • A "Friends & Family" reception area

  • An area reserved for catering 

  • A space reserved for recovery/rest

  • A shower and sanitary area



In order to ensure the health and safety of participants, the Organizer may issue a Health Protocol, including in particular the need to present a document attesting to the participant's non-infection with the COVID-19 virus in order to gain access to events.

In order to take part in the events, the participant must strictly comply with the aforementioned Sanitary Protocol and acknowledges the Organizer's right to refuse participation/access to - or to exclude from - the events any participant who fails to comply with the aforementioned measures, without the Organizer being held responsible or liable in any way.

You will be informed of the provisions of this Sanitary Protocol by a communication sent to the e-mail address given when you registered with NJUKO.


It is the responsibility of any runner in difficulty or seriously injured to call for help:

  • By calling the Operational Management Centre (telephone number on the frame plate)

  • Asking another rider to call for help if they are unable to do so themselves.

  • Using the SOS function on your GPS beacon

Each rider must assist any person in danger and notify the public emergency services without delay: 


  • Samu - 15

  • Police Secours - 17

  • Fire department - 18

  • General - 112


  • Police Secours - 101

  • Firefighters - 100

  • General - 112


  • Police Secours - 117

  • Fire department - 118

  • General - 112

Don't forget that hazards of all kinds, linked to the environment and events, can keep you waiting for help longer than expected. Your safety will then depend on the quality of what you've packed in your bag, and on your compliance with mandatory equipment.

All regulators and members of the organization are authorized :

  • to disqualify any competitor deemed unfit to continue the event

  • to evacuate by any means riders they deem to be in danger

  • direct participants to the most appropriate care structure

A rider who calls on the services of a doctor or paramedic submits to their authority and agrees to accept their decisions.

As soon as a rider's state of health warrants treatment with an intravenous infusion, he or she will be disqualified from the event.

Any runner who wilfully strays from the course is no longer under the responsibility of the organization.

During the event, the only means of communication between participants and the organization is to dial the telephone number of the Operational Management Centre, communicated beforehand and displayed on the race number/frame plate.


The association ULTRA CYCLING France, RIDE EAT SLEEP & SHARE or the co-organizing structure A.B.E has taken out civil liability insurance for the duration of the RACE ACROSS SERIES events.



For reasons of safety and to ensure the smooth running of the RACE ACROSS SERIES events, the following equipment is compulsory for all participants.

  • CE-approved helmet

  • Front* bike light

  • Bicycle light Rear* (see below)

  • High-visibility vest or harness

  • GPS counter with downloaded route in single or multiple segments

  • Repair kits

  • Cell phone in which the number of the Operational Management Station is stored***.

  • Survival blanket (1.40m x 2m)

  • Minimum water supply 0.5 liter

  • Food reserve (Recommendation: +400kcal )

  • Reusable cup

*(Recommendation: FRONT: minimum 300 lumens / REAR: minimum 100 lumens)
****Multi tools / 2 chambers / 3 tire changers / Pump / Patches and glue - including tubeless equipment.
***Keep your phone on, don't hide your number, make sure you have a charged battery and self-charging equipment.

It's important to note that clothing should be adapted to your own abilities. In particular, you shouldn't choose the lightest possible garments to save a few grams, but rather garments that really provide good protection against cold, wind and snow, and therefore better safety and performance.


Road safety is ensured by the Préfecture de Police, medical services by the Organizer's service provider and, if necessary, by the French Red Cross, the Protection Civile and/or any other approved first-aid organization. 

They may decide to "disqualify" a participant for medical reasons. 

Under no circumstances shall the Organizer be held liable for any participant who is unable to finish his or her event, following a decision by these general services to put him or her "out of the event".



  • Cutting the course > Leaving the course: Any participant who leaves the course must pick it up where he or she left it.
    If we note from the GPS readings that a participant has cut the track in an "unjustified" manner that has enabled him or her to gain significant time over his or her voluntary or involuntary pursuer, the penalty will be as follows:

    • The time gained by one participant over the next is between 0 and 30 minutes > a penalty of one hour applies

    • The time saved by one participant over the next is between 31 and 60 minutes > a penalty of two hours applies.

    • The time saved by one participant over the next is between 60 and 120 minutes > a four-hour penalty applies

    • If a competitor gains more than 2 hours on the next competitor in a single infringement, the competitor in question will be disqualified.

    • The participant will be disqualified for the 3rd infraction concerning the cutting of the course.

  • Application incomplete 30 days before event date > Disqualification

  • Unregistered media vehicle > 12-hour penalty

  • Littering (deliberate act) > 4-hour penalty

  • "Non-respect of persons (organization or runners) /Nota bene: a participant whose supporters show incivility and/or refuse to respect the organizer's instructions will be penalized." > Disqualification

  • Absence of mandatory safety equipment (helmet: front and rear lights in working order, no survival blanket) > Disqualification

  • Non-assistance to a person in difficulty (requiring care) > Disqualification

  • Cheat Category 1: Use a bike not declared to the organization > Disqualification

  • Cheating Category 2: Unauthorized assistance / driving into a vehicle's intake > Disqualification

  • Cheating Category 3: Using a means of transport, sharing a race number, hanging on to a moving vehicle > Immediate disqualification for life

    • No visible frame plate visible bib bikepacking category > 2-hour penalty

    • Non-compliance with traffic regulations > 4-hour penalty

    • No GPS beacon > As decided by event management

    • Refusal to obey an order from event management, a dispatcher, patrolman or flagman, a station chief, a doctor or a first-aider > Disqualification

    • Refusal to take a doping test > Immediate disqualification for life

    • Any uncivil or disrespectful behavior reported to us by the two main institutions that make up the forces of law and order, the gendarmerie and the police > Disqualification

Before, during and after the event, the organizer may check compliance with the present regulations and immediately apply the following penalties at his discretion.

(*) Time penalties are applicable once the rider has crossed the line, but he/she will be informed of the event management's decisions via the tracking platform.

(**) Disqualifying penalties are applicable immediately and the rider will be informed as soon as the decision is taken by the race management.

Any other breach of the rules will be subject to a penalty decided by the event management.


The participant is fully aware that Gravel cycling is an extremely dangerous sporting activity and that he/she may be confronted with climatic conditions (rain, heat, cold, storms).

The participant is fully aware that safety in such an event depends solely on his or her ability to adapt to the problems encountered.

The participant is fully aware that the role of the organizer is not to help or assist him/her in managing his/her problems, even in the event of technical damage or physical or mental problems.

By registering, the participant accepts irrevocably and unreservedly all the extreme risks of the event, in particular the risk of accident, which may even result in the participant's death, and accepts sole responsibility for any damage he or she may suffer as a result of taking part in the event.

The participant thus accepts to take part in the event at his own risk, while measuring his own risks.

The participant is informed that the route(s) may cross protected areas such as Natura 2000 areas, forest areas managed by the ONF and/or PNR. In this sense, it must respect the environment by minimising its noise and light pollution and by managing its waste (see mandatory material list). The preservation of biodiversity is essential, and each participant is responsible for its impact on the ecosystems it crosses.

By accepting all the risks of this particularly dangerous event, the participant agrees, with full knowledge of the cause and possible consequences, to release the organizer from all liability in tort and/or contract.
In return, the participant undertakes to:

  • Be present at official ceremonies to which it is invited

  • Attend prize-giving ceremonies if involved

  • Agree to wear a GPS beacon provided by the organization at the start of the event, for the duration of the event; then return this beacon at the end of the event by their own means and assume the cost of this beacon if it is destroyed, lost or damaged.

  • Be present in the start area no later than 20 minutes before the start.

  • Accept and abide by the event rules

  • Accept all decisions made by the organization and regulators

  • Be kind to participants, volunteers and the organization.

  • have taken out and be covered by "Accident Damage" insurance for the duration of the event


In the event of abandonment, the process required is as follows:

  • Notify the Operational Management Station of its abandonment;

  • Make your own way to the arrival point to return only the equipment provided to the operational management post. 

  • In the event of non-return of the GPS, the participant will be invoiced directly by the GPS supplier, partner of the event, in the amount of 350 euros, all taxes included. By accepting the present rules when signing up, the provider will invoice the person concerned directly.

Team abandonment :
  • DUO: For a team to be recognized as a Finisher, it is imperative that both members cross the finish line together. However, we do allow one participant to drop out. In this case, the remaining participant may complete the event alone to the finish line to become a Finisher. The team will not be considered as such in this case.




Registration is by name only.

Participants may change their registration to another distance or format up to 30 days before the start of the event, subject to a transfer fee of 30 euros (incl. VAT) and the difference in price of the new event/distance.

If the participant changes from an event with a higher price to an event with a lower price, the difference will be reimbursed to the participant, taking into account the date of the change in relation to the registration price on that same date, from which the change fee will be deducted.

If an athlete transfers from a less expensive event to a more expensive event, the participant will have to pay the difference in addition to the transfer fee.

A transfer within a full distance (if the organization has decided to limit entries) is not possible or the participant accepts to be on the waiting list. A participant can only transfer his/her entry once.

No changes will be accepted less than 30 days before the event.

You may only transfer your entry to another RACE ACROSS SERIES event if you have taken out the DOSSARD DEFERRAL option.


Registration is nominative. Entries may only be transferred to another RACE ACROSS SERIES event if the DOSSARD DEFERRAL option has been taken out.

To cancel your participation, please follow the steps below:

Send an email to No cancellations will be accepted by telephone or on social networks.

Cancellation for "Change of mind", you have two options:

Refund request to the organization: see below;

If you have subscribed to the "Deferrals" option available only at registration, you will have the choice and possibility of a single deferral to another RACE ACROSS SERIES 2024 event (same event / same distance) or to defer your participation to our next RACE ACROSS SERIES 2025 event (same event / same distance). 

No request for reimbursement or transfer for another participant will be applicable following this postponement and/or on the 2025 edition. Please note that you can only subscribe to the "Bib deferral" option at the time of your registration, you will not be able to subscribe to it afterwards. Any request to activate the "bib deferral" option should be made by contacting the support team at the following e-mail address: To activate your deferral request, you must make your request no later than 30 days before the date of the event. After this date, no request will be considered.

Cancellation with BeTicketing insurance (by Assur'Connect), we recommend that you take out insurance with our partner BETICKETING at the time of registration. This will enable you to be reimbursed if you cancel for any unforeseeable accidental reason that makes it impossible for you to take part in the RACE ACROSS SERIES (injury, accident, loss of employment, pregnancy, moving house, etc.). The insurance is taken out on the registration platform at the time of registration, and you will be asked to add it to your shopping basket. The reimbursement request will be made via a dedicated interface to which you will have access via your insurance contract. You will be asked for some information to validate the refund. Links to BETICKETING's General Terms and Conditions: This option cannot be taken out after registration.


Subject to the above conditions, reimbursement of the registration fee (excluding service charges of €30 inc. VAT) will be made by partial re-crediting of the payment to the bank account associated with the credit card used at the time of registration, under the following conditions. The refund policy will be applied as follows:

  • From opening to 4 months prior to event date: 60% of reimbursement less administrative costs

  • 4 months to 2 months prior to the event: 30% of reimbursement less administrative costs

  • Less than 2 months: 0% of refund


Any complaint arising from the events must be made in writing, in French or English, stating the surname, first name and race number of the participant, and sent to the Organizer's head office by e-mail to the following address: or by post to the following address:

L'association ULTRA CYCLING France 63 rue cuvier 69006 Lyon

All claims must be made within 8 days of the end of the event.

In the absence of a response within two (2) months or in the event of an unsatisfactory response from the Organizer, you may, before referring the matter to a competent court and within one (1) year of the date of dispatch of the first notification to the Organizer, have recourse free of charge to the mediation service for consumer disputes relating to events by contacting the CMAP, using the contact details given on its website ( consommateur/) or by referring the matter to the competent public consumer mediator.



If circumstances so require, the organizer reserves the right to modify at any time the course, start times, time barriers, position of refreshment and aid stations, and any other aspect related to the smooth running of the events.

In the event of force majeure, very unfavorable weather conditions or any other circumstance endangering the safety of competitors, the organization reserves the right to :

  • Delay departure by a few hours at most

  • Modify time gates

  • Cancel test

  • Neutralize the test

  • Stop the race in progress

  • Modify route

The participant unreservedly and irrevocably accepts this right to modifications, so that his registration has been made with full knowledge of the facts.

The participant waives the right to hold the organizer liable in the event of a change of date or any other modification, or to claim any compensation from the organizer in this respect.

In the event of a change in the date of the event, in particular, the registration fee will not be refunded if the participant decides not to take part in the event for which he/she was registered.


The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event in the event of force majeure.

The participant accepts this right of cancellation unreservedly and irrevocably, provided that his or her registration has been made in full knowledge of the facts.

The participant waives the right to hold the organizer liable in the event of cancellation or rescheduling of the event, or to claim any compensation from the organizer in this respect.

In the event of force majeure (notably bad weather conditions, safety problems), the organizer reserves the right to stop the event in progress.

If the event is cancelled for reasons beyond the organizer's control (e.g. Covid restrictions, force majeure, natural disaster), runners will be offered various options by the organizers (postponement, transfer, partial refund), which will be confirmed in due course.


  • Participant image :

The event may be filmed for the purposes of public communication, in any form (notably photo, video...), on any existing or future medium, in any format, for any communication to the public worldwide, for any use including advertising and/or commercial purposes.), on any existing or future support, in any format, for any communication to the public in the whole world, for any use including advertising and/or commercial purposes, each participant expressly authorizes the Organizer, its assignees or assigns (including its commercial partners) to fix and reproduce, on any medium and by any means, and consequently, to reproduce and represent, without remuneration of any kind, his/her name, voice, image, and more generally his/her sporting performance as part of the event (hereinafter referred to as his/her Image ), for a period not exceeding ten (10) years following the date of the event. The participant hereby expressly authorizes the Organizer to grant sub-licenses to the event's partners for the commercial and advertising use of the Image.

To this end, each participant expressly and irrevocably authorizes the Organizer, its successors in title and assigns (in particular its commercial partners), in order to meet the requirements of advertising, promotional and/or commercial campaigns, to 1) make any modification, addition or deletion it deems useful for the use of its Image under the conditions defined above, 2) associate and/or combine with its Image, any/all signatures, catchphrases, slogans, captions, trademarks, distinctive signs, legal notices, visuals and, in general, any element of any kind chosen by the Organizer intended in particular to illustrate the communications media in which they are integrated.

The participant guarantees that he/she is not bound by any exclusive contract relating to the use of his/her Image. The participant is informed and accepts without reservation that his or her participation in the event implies the capture of his or her Image by the Organizer's official service providers.

With regard to the event website, the participant accepts that he/she may be identified by any Internet user entering his/her surname, first name and/or race number. If you wish to object to such publication for a legitimate reason, you must communicate this decision to the Organizer at contact(at), prior to the event and no later than thirty (30) days before the event, so that the appropriate measures can be taken.

  • Event images :

Any communication of still images and/or animated sequences of the event by the participant, captured during his/her participation in the event, must be limited to personal use and may under no circumstances be used for promotional and/or commercial purposes outside the event.


The ULTRA CYCLING FRANCE association is the owner of the exploitation rights of the event it organizes under the legally registered trademark RACE ACROSS SERIES, RACE ACROSS PARIS, RACE ACROSS BELGIUM, RACE ACROSS FRANCE, RACE ACROSS SWITZERLAND.

All still or filmed images of the event are the exclusive property of the organizer.

Any communication about the event, or use of the event in any form or medium whatsoever, must respect the name of the event, the registered trademark and the express agreement of the organizer.

Any commercial use of the event's name and/or images will be subject to written agreement resulting from a detailed written request.


Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the RACE ACROSS SERIES event shall be submitted exclusively to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland, in accordance with the Code of Sports-related Arbitration.

According to our ethical charter, any ostentatious display of political and/or religious messages or images during the event is forbidden.


Under the French Data Protection Act of August 6, 1978, and in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD EU 2016/679), every competitor has the right to access and rectify data concerning him or her.

Information is collected in the context of registration for one of the ULTRA CYCLING FRANCE association's events for the purposes of organization, and in particular to identify each competitor individually in order to communicate to them before, during or after the event any information relating to their participation.

All rider data is kept for a period of 10 years, renewable with each registration, corresponding to the legal retention period of the medical certificate of non-contraindication to the practice of Ultra Distance cycling. After these 10 years, and unless explicitly authorized by the runner, all data will be deleted, except for surname, first name, date of birth, gender and nationality, in order to maintain rankings.

All data modification requests can be made :

1. By post to the following address

ULTRA CYCLING FRANCE 63 rue cuvier 69006 Lyon, France

2. By e-mail to the following address:

Any request for access or modification of personal data will be processed as soon as possible after receipt of the request, within a maximum period of 1 month.

CNIL - In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of August 6, 1978, you have the right to access and rectify any information concerning you. This information is only used within the organization and concerns technical data such as your e-mail address. Under no circumstances will the organization use your data for any other purpose. In accordance with the law, each rider has the right to access and rectify any personal data. To do so, please send us an e-mail stating your surname, first name and race number.

ABE's present General Terms and Conditions of Sale have been drafted in the French language, which shall be considered the official language. They are subject to French law. Any difficulty relating to the events which could not be the subject of an amicable agreement between the Organizer and the participant, concerns the exclusive competence of the competent civil courts.

Registration for the Events implies each Participant's express and unreserved acceptance of these Rules.

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