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Le Gravel, united by community

Gravel, embodying the spirit of adventure, discovery and freedom, has naturally found its place within the Race Across Series. This style of cycling, which invites us to stray from familiar paths and plunge into splendid, unexplored territories, is much more than an endurance event - it's a celebration of community and discovery.
Driven by the desire to forge deeper bonds within the community and savour the raw beauty of unknown trails, we have introduced 3 new Gravel distances. Each is designed to capture the essence of Gravel: freedom, adventure and camaraderie, in an environment where mutual support and exploration reign supreme.

Our Gravel events, available in 3 of our 4 emblematic destinations, offer a variety of 50, 100 and 200 km routes. They are the perfect opportunity for every cyclist to immerse themselves in a personalized challenge, marking a weekend when the boundaries between different communities blur to create a vibrant, unified atmosphere, the signature of the Race Across Series. The Gravel is also a moment of exceptional sharing, a unique occasion that transcends mere competition to become a collective and convivial experience. It's the ideal opportunity to get together with friends or family, to combine a passion for cycling with the joy of reunions and shared discoveries.

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Set off on a day-long adventure off the beaten track. Test your endurance and challenge yourself

The adventure that offers the perfect balance between personal challenge and the pleasure of riding on varied terrain.

An introduction to Gravel or a pleasant getaway for experienced cyclists

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With a Race Across Series bib, you enter a world where every detail is carefully designed to maximize your riding experience. Beyond access to our exceptional challenges, your bib opens the doors to a multitude of included services, from technical support to comfort to safety - every element orchestrated to make your adventure a smooth and unforgettable experience. We invite you to explore the full range of included services, designed to enrich every mile of your journey. Discover how the Race Across Series transcends expectations and sets the standard for ultracycling.

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