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Ultra road racing, the birthplace of Race Across Series

Race Across Series has deep roots in the rhythmic beating of wheels on asphalt. It is on the legendary and mythical roads of our beautiful country that this epic adventure was born, thanks to the solid foundation laid by Race Across France. The road challenges are not just an event, but the beating heart of our identity, where every kilometer covered weaves the rich heritage of our saga. Road cycling, with its roads unfurling like ribbons under changing skies and its landscapes transforming with every turn of the wheel, embodies the very essence of freedom and exploration. It's a constant journey where every ascent and descent, every turn offers a new perspective, a new chapter in an ever-evolving adventure. The elegant silhouette of the bikes, the harmony of the carbon frames with the asphalt, and the hypnotic sound of the tires fuse to create a symphony of movement and energy. In this world, endurance mingles with resilience, and every race is a testament to self-transcendence.

With 4 ULTRA distances to choose from, spread over several enchanting terrains, Race Across Series invites every cyclist on a personal quest. It's an open invitation where each participant, armed with determination and passion, creates the legends that will inspire future generations of cyclists.

Our road distances

Only in France, this crossing is the most feared and coveted challenge.

In a travelling format, this incredible challenge will push your limits.

On a loop or in a touring format for a memorable adventure

An introduction to utracycling, a challenge for everyone

Adventures in distance

Race Across France

Race Across Paris

Race Across Belgium

Race Across Switzerland

The Race Across Series concept

Discover the Race Across Series concept and our vision of ultracycling

Race Across Series services

With a Race Across Series bib, you enter a world where every detail is carefully designed to maximize your riding experience. Beyond access to our exceptional challenges, your bib opens the doors to a multitude of included services, from technical support to comfort to safety - every element orchestrated to make your adventure a smooth and unforgettable experience. We invite you to explore the full range of included services, designed to enrich every mile of your journey. Discover how the Race Across Series transcends expectations and sets the standard for ultracycling.

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