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Beyond carefully selected back roads, beyond borders, Race Across Series takes you on an epic journey to the heart of cycling's soul. With passion and dedication, every year we shape ultra-cycling into an unforgettable adventure that transcends the ordinary to experience the ultra-ordinary.
Imagine yourself, in the saddle at dawn, while the world is still asleep, emerging from a starry night under the Milky Way, moving along winding roads and majestic passes, through breathtaking landscapes. Where pain becomes your companion, where doubt tries to shake you, it's in these moments that you'll discover your true inner strength.

Race Across Series is the ultimate test of human endurance, the pinnacle of ultra-distance cycling.
Four epic events across France and Europe, a virtual event, challenging distances for all levels, dizzying challenges. Our routes will take you to
inaccessible summits, to infinite horizons.
It's the thrill of speed on deserted roads, the roar of the wind in your ears, the silence of the starry night as you pedal relentlessly. It's pure adrenalin, the ultimate achievement, the transcendent experience and the sharing of so many stories at the finish and friendships made along the way.

Race Across Series isn't just 22 races across 4 destinations. It's an adventure that will change you forever, that will push you beyond your limits in a safe environment, that will show you that you're capable of far more than you ever imagined.
Get ready for an experience that will mark you to the core, to join a community of intrepid cyclists with whom you'll forge strong bonds, to climb to the top of your own mountain.

Unforgettable distances

Whether on gravel or road, Race Across Series embodies the ultimate terrain where every participant, whatever their level, finds the opportunity to confront, improve and transcend their limits in an epic racing adventure.

Magnificent distances

Discover an adventure through the picturesque and varied landscapes of France. Every kilometer reveals the richness of the French countryside, a symphony of verdant hills, lush vineyards and charming villages that seem to emerge from an Impressionist canvas.

Paris, the City of Light, beckons you for a unique urban experience. Ride through its emblematic streets, skirt the banks of the Seine, admire the monuments that have shaped world history and culture. This adventure is a celebration of cosmopolitan energy and timeless elegance.

Belgium reveals itself as a country of diverse terrain and hidden treasures. Dense forests, flourishing fields and historic towns create a route where every step is an exploration and every distance a rediscovery.

Let yourself be carried away by Switzerland's Alpine charm. Majestic peaks, crystal-clear lakes and verdant valleys forge a course where challenge and beauty coexist, promising an unforgettable adventure with every stride.

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