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Recognition of the route in .gpx format, created after scouting and inspecting roads all over Europe.

  • Coordinate the transport of participants' bags, bike cases and equipment from the starting point to the event's living and arrival bases.
  • Organize living and catering facilities for participants, volunteers and staff.
  • Set up eating, resting, care and sanitary facilities at each of the living and arrival bases.
  • Manage refueling operations, including solid and liquid food distribution.
  • Oversee the set-up of the start area, living quarters, finish area and podiums.
  • Coordinate with local authorities to obtain the necessary authorizations and permits for the event.
  • Collaborate with law enforcement and emergency services to ensure the safety of participants and spectators.
  • Draw up a detailed security plan, including checkpoints and sensitive areas.
  • Supervise the volunteer team assigned to various tasks for 15 days at the start, finish, base camp and operational management posts, both on-site and remotely, along the 2,500 km long route.
  • Event declared to the authorities at the prefecture of each region and department crossed
  • Collaboration with emergency organizations in each region and department as part of the development of health plans.
  • Shuttle bus service to ensure participants' safety
  • Set up an emergency response plan to deal with accidents or medical problems.
  • Coordinate with emergency medical services to ensure rapid response.
  • 24-hour access to a doctor for the duration of the event.
  • Setting up shuttles at sensitive points along the route for intervention or emergency care
  • Multilingual briefing
  • Speaker on departure and arrival
  • Digital guide Runner's application for all information Digital guide
  • Team Support
  • Medals Podium
  • Media coverage and photo gallery available
  • Access to an on-site relaxation area on arrival
  • Free meals and drinks: Coupons for free meals and drinks before, during and after the event.
  • Bike and equipment check: compulsory check of your bike and equipment at the start and at the base.
  • Luggage transport: Transport service for participants' luggage from departure to base camp and arrival.
  • Real-time monitoring: Real-time monitoring, analysis and follow-up. React quickly to incidents or participants' needs via the OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT POST.

Event caps and water bottles.

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Access to bases:

  • Catering area: Hot and cold solids and hot and cold liquids
  • Sanitary area: toilets and showers
  • Rest area: Camp beds with blankets
  • Medical area: First-aid kit and doctor's access
Information. Guidance. Relation with life bases. Contact a doctor if necessary. Trigger and manage emergency services. Information management with the family.
  • Organize debriefing meetings with cities and partners to assess strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Collect feedback from participants to assess satisfaction and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Verified, accurate results available quickly after the test.
  • Prepare detailed reports for sponsors and partners, highlighting the impact of their support and media coverage.
  • Begin preliminary planning for the next edition of the event, taking into account lessons learned and suggestions for improvement.

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