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In our ongoing commitment to providing the best possible experience for our riders, this year we are surrounding ourselves with a team of professional coaches for the Race Across Series events. Our aim is to provide those who so desire with top-quality coaching, helping each participant to achieve his or her performance goals in a more effective and personalized way.

NB: Accompaniment by a partner coach is not included in the race number price. We will with our partner coaches.

Our partner coaches

Cyril Amiot

Expert triathlon and endurance coach

Cyril Amiot, 49, is a renowned triathlon coach specializing in endurance sports and nutrition. His coaching philosophy? An artisanal, tailor-made approach, where each training plan is carefully adapted not only to the athlete's sporting goals, but also to his or her professional schedule and personal life.

Experience and expertise for athletes

With over 25 years' experience in endurance sports, Cyril Amiot brings in-depth expertise and a keen understanding of the intricacies of these demanding disciplines. His extensive knowledge is reflected in the services he offers:

  • Personalized support: Advice and follow-up tailored to each athlete's specific needs and personal goals.
  • Adaptive training planning: Each training program is evolutionary, taking into account feedback and analysis from previous sessions to ensure optimal development.
  • Nutrition and sports nutrition advice: Expert recommendations for optimizing performance through a balanced diet adapted to the demands of sport.
  • Dietary supplementation: Sound advice on supplements to complement the diet and support performance and recovery.
  • Mental preparation: Strategies for building mental resilience, concentration and motivation.
  • Equipment expertise: Recommendations on the choice and use of essential equipment such as watches, meters, power sensors, home trainers, and various applications.

If you're looking for coaching that combines experience, personalization and attention to detail, Cyril Amiot is the coach for you. Get ready to transform your performance and reach new heights in your sporting disciplines.
To find out more and start your personalized journey, contact Cyril today.

Visit his website: https: //

Paul Vanrenterghem

A coach at the foot of the Tourmalet, passionate about performance and people

A global approach to training in the heart of the Pyrenees

Paul Vanrenterghem, 28, originally from Bordeaux, makes his home at the foot of the mythical Tourmalet in Bagnères de Bigorre. This majestic environment is his playground and working ground, where sport is a year-round activity.

Passionate about people, their abilities and physiology since his first turns on the pedal, Paul is dedicated to coaching athletes in cycling, triathlon and running. With a STAPS degree in physical preparation and federal diplomas, he has many years' experience in coaching and sports management. For Paul, training isn't just a program, it's a global project encompassing training, nutrition, mental preparation, equipment and seasonal organization.

Specializing in various mountain bike disciplines, notably in Olympic format (XCO), Paul is an active participant in national and international competitions. He makes it a point of honor to develop the technical aspect of his athletes' riding, a crucial element often overlooked but crucial to performance.

Training with Paulo: A record of success

In collaboration with Loïc Lepoutre, known for his podcasts, Paul launched Training with Paulo, a concept that covers all aspects of sports preparation: training follow-up, postural studies, courses, specific sessions and sports management. Success stories include:

  • Several MTB XCO World Cup riders.
  • Numerous international podiums in MTB XCO, XCM and Roc d'Azur.
  • Athletes ranked in the UCI rankings.
  • Ultra cycling and Ultra trail finishers.
  • Participation in the World Long Distance Triathlon Championships in Kona.
  • Seasonal titles and victories.
  • Unexpected victories and significant personal achievements.
  • Dreams fulfilled, from Bearman to the Cape Epic, the Race Around Austria and the Diagonale des Fous

At Training with Paulo, the emphasis is as much on the human experience as on sporting performance. Whether you're a high-level athlete aiming for international competition, or an enthusiast seeking to surpass your personal limits, Paul Vanrenterghem offers you a personalized, comprehensive and human approach to achieving your goals.
To find out more and start your personalized journey, contact Paul today.

Loïc Lepoutre

Cycling and triathlon training expert, inspired by ecology

Loïc combines his rich experience in cycling and triathlon training with a passion for ecology, offering a unique and holistic approach to sports performance.

Training and ecology: a unique vision

Loïc adopts a systemic vision of training, considering every aspect of preparation as an integral part of the great mechanism of the living. Inspired by the principles of ecology, he integrates an understanding of natural systems to develop training strategies that respect the harmony between the athlete and his or her environment.

Sporting excellence beyond physical strength

For Loïc, achieving sporting excellence is about more than just physical strength or tactical strategy. It's about understanding and respecting our interconnection with nature, applying ecological principles to optimize performance while preserving the athlete's overall health.

Committed to harmony and performance

His commitment is to fuse the scientific rigor of training with ecological wisdom, creating programs that promote sustainable performance and the overall well-being of athletes.

Knowledge sharing on "Inside the head of a cyclist".

Loïc shares his insights and advice on the "Dans la tête d'un cycliste" podcast. In the monthly training capsule, he explores aspects of cycling and triathlon training through his unique ecological approach.

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